Maqamat Trio

Maqamat Trio is a new trio that brings you music from the classical or traditional Arabic and Ottoman music repertoire. A diverse repertoire that contains many beautiful instrumental compositions such as the the Dulab, Maqtu‘a, Muqaddima, Tahmila, Darij, Sama‘i, Longa and Bashraf. Through this rich musical heritage, the musicians and their instruments can really shine, and when all the right elements are there, the music transcends the listeners to a state of musical Nirvana, known to many as Saltana. The word ‘Maqamat’ (plural of Maqam) is in reference to the rich Arabic Maqam modal system from which the traditional music of Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and the Arab world is derived.


24 يونيو 2022


9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
ROOM Art Space & Cafe Garden City


ROOM Art Space & Cafe Garden City
ROOM Art Space & Cafe Garden City
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