Marrakech Ramadan Tent at Hyde Out

A visually aesthetic Moroccan themed tent operated by The Smokery one of the top F&B providers in the country to offer a full transcending experience taking you to a venue never seen before with a unique f&b offering featuring cheese platters, grills, and a very fancy culinary experience all while enjoying the top Ramadan artists every weekend.

The tent operates on Sohour only everyday with special entertainment every Thursday and Friday.

The tent will feature a huge screen that will be used to air big matches.

Scattered entertainment like mesaharaty, erk soos, magician, palm reading & takht sharky will be available during the weekdays

From 7th of April till 29th of April.


– Weekend ticket price EGP 950 all-inclusive except for Shisha.

– Weekday ticket price EGP 550 all-inclusive except for Shisha.



13 - 17 أبريل 2022


9:00 PM


نوع الأيفينت

الحفلة الجاية

  • The Sinatras
  • اليوم
    04 أكتوبر 2022
  • المعاد
    8:00 PM - 10:00 PM