Softat X CJC 610

Expect a night of infectious sounds & masterful beats as Softat collective take Cairo Jazz Club 610’s stage by storm on WED July 6th! You’re in for a real treat with Molotof, Besh, SoloFan, 200 Shams & Yas Meen Selectress! About Softat: Music collective Softat is interested in harsh and soft sounds, body music and the exploration of one’s self and surroundings. They aim to merge the sounds of the fast-growing Egyptian hip-hop scene, Mahraganat, heavy club sounds, and poppy sweetness. We are inviting you to the first round of Softat’s club night where we will showcase the sound of the collective through an immersive audio-visual experience. As a guest, Egypt-raised, Brooklyn-based DJ Yas Meen Selectress will be playing heavy percussive and bass sounds with some Arabic kitsch-pop. The ever-eclectic 200 shams is also invited to perform his both trippy and magical sounds. The other performances will be by the members of the collective: Molotof, Besh & SoloFan.


06 يوليو 2022


9:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Cairo Jazz Club 610


Cairo Jazz Club 610
Cairo Jazz Club 610
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